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Zebronics introduces Zeb-Monk wireless neckband earphone with advanced Active Noise Cancellation

One cannot avoid the ambient sounds, background noise or the constant chatter just when you need to attend to zone out to focus on yourself or attend to that deadline even while you are at home. Travelling can get stressful as there is a constant chatter, outside noise and other hindrances that don’t let you listen to your audio in absolute quiet.

Now there is a means to avoid distractions and enjoy the audio experience like never before with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature for that inner peace and hence its named ZEB-Monk a wireless earphone that brings ease and flexibility with its neckband design.

Designed to keep it minimalistic yet stylish the earphones come with water resistance splashproof design so that one can enjoy their workouts without any hindrance from background sound or sweat.

The earphone also comes with deep bass as it features a high quality 12mm Neodymium Magnet Driver to offer a enhanced listening experience so you can truly enjoy your music.

Built for music enthusiasts the earphone comes with 12* hours of playback time without ANC and 11* hours with ANC. It comes with features like smart controls for call function, media, volume and voice assistance. Start your day right as these earphones come with a magnetic earpiece to help you get a tangle-free start to your day.

Get answers to all your questions with a touch of a button that will activate the voice assistance feature on the Zeb-Monk wireless earphones so ask away in delight.

Speaking on the launch of its first ANC wireless earphone, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics says, “We’re proud of launching our top of the line product- Active Noise Cancellation wireless earphone, Zeb-Monk. I feel that this earphone is an essential for those who are working from home and need peace and quiet amidst the noise in the background. Our brand has always worked on making technology affordable to the masses and that still remains our top priority.”

The wireless earphones are available at leading retail stores across India.

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