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Tycoon Technologies A Pioneer in Barcode Solution providing Industry in Rajasthan

April, 2023: Tycoon Technologies started in 1997 recently completed their 25 years in the IT industry of Rajasthan. They have been a pioneer and benchmark in the barcode solution providing industry in Rajasthan. They are dealing in all world leading POS Solutions and Automation solution providing brands like Honeywell, Johnsons Control, Godex, Posiflex, Newland, Zebra, TSC etc. All these brands are leaders in their segments and are available at Tycoon Technologies. With more than 5000 industry segment customers and an experienced team of 18 people they are setting new standards in the barcode solution industry. Tycoon Technologies design and develop own products with the help of OEM manufacturers. Jaipur and Bhopal caters to customer’s label, tag, ribbon, POS rolls and product labels requirements.

Tycoon Technologies provides Barcode, RFID, Automation, M&C, EAS, POS, Consumables and Software Solutions to clients in India, as partners to conceptualize and realize their initiatives, to reach out their Vision. Whether it is Manufacturing, Retail, Service or Export, they ensure a level of certainty of results that no one can match. Started twenty-five years ago Tycoon Technologies thrives on professionalism, business ethics and customer delight.

Commenting on the last FY 22-23 Digvijay Singh from Tycoon said “ We have achieved 150-200% of the targets set by all brands working with us. They FY has been good and we are already working on the new FY to achieve new heights. Posilfex business has also been growing rapidly in the state. ALl major food courts, restaurants, hotels and retail outlets have started accepting automation along with 3-5 years warranty upgrades.”

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