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Successful Conclusion of Faiita Retail Conclave Supported by UPCDWA

Faiita Retail Conclave, supported by UPCDWA, concluded on 7th April before lunch with tremendous success. The objective of the conclave was to boost the confidence of IT retailers in India, and for that, direct interaction was arranged with all brand high officials and all India dealers who attended the event.

Each brand was given a 2-hour slot, where they presented their products/technology and future product launches. Followed by their presentation, two moderators from FAIITA asked questions collected nationally from retailers about the problems faced on certain brand policies particularly on DOA/Demo units, delay in claim settlement, and Fixed cost of Brand store and also suggested how to improve for better working with retailers in the future.

All brands appreciated the concept of the Retail Conclave organized by Faiita where they met dealers from all over India in one go, and their message was flashed nationally as all sessions were live on Facebook, and all India dealers were watching.

All India retailers appreciated the efforts of FAIITA – UPCDWA for organizing such a beautiful event where discussions were held for the benefit of the retail market, Brand Stores, MBO, and T3 partners. The brands that attended the conclave, namely Acer, Asus, Canon, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and AMD, made it even more impactful.

The concluding remarks were given by Mr Devesh Rastogi, President, FAIITA, and the vote of thanks was given by Navin Gupta, Secretary, FAIITA.

The event was a grand success, and all the retailers were provided free stay and food by FAIITA. The discussions held at the conclave will undoubtedly help the retailers to work better with the brands in the future.

We congratulate FAIITA and UPCDWA on the successful conclave and hope such events continue to be organized in the future.

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