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Rakesh Daga From D.B. Infotech talks about latest market trends in Madhya Pradesh

July, 2020: In an exclusive interview with Rakesh Daga from D.B. Infotech we discussed how Madhya Pradesh IT Channel is working post lockdown. Established in 2004, D.B. Infotech is one of the biggest partners of Madhya Pradesh now. Dealing in almost all major accessories brands Rakesh Daga has set a new level of standards in peripherals distribution industry in the state.

Rakesh Daga requests all partners to work in cash as much as possible. He also added in the interview “I request all partners to be strict on payments and do not delay payments more than 21 days. Maintain cash flow in the market as much as possible.” He also suggested that defaulters not following proper payment policy should be banned by the association of the state and strict action to be taken against them so that more and more partners do not suffer from loses to the same person. He also explained and discussed in detail how regional and national distributors in the state have opened billing to all partners which is affecting the trademark channel business and creating price difference in the market.

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