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Rajasthan Computer Traders Association Organizes “Sadbhawana Goth”

11th September, 2022: Jaipur – RCTA (Rajasthan Computer Traders Association ) organized a “Sadbhawana Goth” at Khole ke Hanuaman ji. A Sunderkand Path was also done at the Ram Darbar at the khole ke hanuman ji. This event has become a culture of RCTA because it has regularly been held annually for more than a decade now.

Members and their family turned out in large numbers to the Goth. RCTA even invited the Vendors, Distributors with their family members to the Prasadi. It has been an almost regular event organized by the RCTA EBM in the past few years.

A large turnout and the very deliciously prepared Prasadi at the Sadbhawan Goth was enjoyed and appreciated by all those who attended the same.

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