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Nextech appoints Tradex as Distributor for Rajasthan

Tradex is led by Anil Bajaj (RS Corporation), Vikas Bhiwal (Reliable Peripherals) and Vijay Somani (Maheshwari Computer). With a collective experience of more than 20 years in the IT industry, the team has slowly made a mark in the retail and corporate products sector partnering with brands in order to expand their range of products in a span of just one year. Charting this growth trajectory, Tradex has partnered with Nextech by Amson Interconnect Pvt. Ltd. A renowned name with the widest collections of Mobility Power, AV-IT connectivity and battery solutions, Amson has been known for innovation and trend-setting standards for the past 25 years.

A trusted partner for major Indian and international companies, Amson’s flagship brand Nextech manufactures Li-ion battery solutions, Power Banks, Chargers, AV Connectors & Cables, for mobile & AV/IT, transforming people’s lifestyles across regions. Nextech delivers reliability and performance at competitive pricing with the lowest defect rate in the industry, thereby generating minimum E-waste, unlike other mobile accessory & connectivity brands. The products are not only trendy and bear the latest technology but also accommodate the changing lifestyles of today’s smart consumers. With a specialization in products like AV converters, Docking Stations and Hubs, Display Cables, Power Cables, Power Banks and Universal Chargers, Nextech ensures exclusivity to all its partners building long-term relationships.

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