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Matata launches its first ever Speaker range

Launches range of 2.1 Integrated Speakers with retro looks

New Delhi, 17th July, 2020 – Matata, the brand that made a foray into Indian domestic market in June 2020, unveils its first ever range of speakers. The company has recently unveiled ‘Integrated Speakers’ with old world vintage looks, multiple connectivity options & FM, powerful surround sound, LED display.

In the world of throwbacks, this range’s unique looks are definitely a conversation starter. It’s just not a product for musical entertainment but it’s an emotion, sure enough to take you back to olden golden days. These speakers add the classic old world charm to your surroundings. If you are looking for getting a 70s vibe to you place, this product is just perfect for you. The product has multiple connectivity options such as USB/BT/AUX and true to it’s vintage charm, has the FM radio option with antenna – a feature that doesn’t come handy in new age music players. The speakers in this range come in three variants – Powerful 60W, 40W and 20W crystal clear sound output so that one can choose as per their space. The speakers are MP3/MP4/Digital Music/DVD compatible. The products currently are available in rustic brown color.

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