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Konica Minolta felicitates Abhinav Digital & Interior Solutions Pvt Ltd, Jaipur in Goa

April 2023: Abhinav Digital’s Lokendra Singh Shekhawat said that with the efforts and dedication and cooperation of Team Abhinav and Konica Minolta’s Rajasthan representative Naveen Chauhan, Abhinav Digital has been awarded in four categories by Konica Minolta India for the financial year 2022-23. Perfect Partner Award, Outstanding Revenue Performance Above 9 Crore, Outstanding Performance in Monochrome Mid & High End Unit, Outstanding Color Unit Performance (Office Business) at Alila Diwa, Goa. Abhinav Digital has been consistently performing well for the past ten years. Along with sales they are giving priority to service and customer satisfaction which has increased revenue continuously over the last few months.On this achievement, Konica Minolta has promoted Abhinav Digital from Gold E-Channel Partner to the prestigious Platinum Partner Group which is the best partner category of Konica Minolta. The company is committed to its customers for its sales and service. Lokendra Singh Shekhawat expressed gratitude to the company’s Managing Director Katsuhisaasari San, Kuldeep Malhotra San, Praveen Seth San on this achievement. Channel partners from Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives SAARC countries had come in this program at Goa.

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