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India Readies To Fight COVID-19 – How To Be Prepared For Next Few Weeks

With the sensex and nifty falling down rather depleting at exponential rates over the entire month of March, 2020 the IT channel has also been adversely affected by this pandemic outbreak across the Globe. Economies of countries across the world have fallen down rapidly and things are getting out of control when it comes to India, as well. Keeping in mind that this is the 3rd week of impact of Corono Virus in India which is currently going on, things are on the verge of getting worse. Looking at the impact and spreading rate of this virus across the globe, it has been calculated that this virus spreads at the fastest rate in the 4th and 5th week. At the time of writing this article India has more than 170 cases of infected people across the nation, which are continuously rising. Trade across the globe has been affected

There are some points and important things to remember and follow at times of chaos like these.

  1. Even though you are hearing from vendors that factories in China have reopened, which is true, their production is going to be slow due to unavailability of staff and labor because of the intensity with which Corono Virus had hit China and Italy.

  2. Cash flow which has been affected will be further more affected due to the slow market trading across IT channel of the country,

  3. Invest in fast selling brands and products to increase the rotation and cash inflow of funds.

  4. Disapprove of lending and deal in cash for next 2 months and wait for market to stabilize before beginning again.

  5. Wait for products to liquidate in the market, buy only fast selling products.

  6. Invest in digital marketing rather than counter to counter marketing.

  7. Ensure high profit margins on products which are on shortage in the market.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had demanded for Janta Curfew from all citizens of India, which seemed like a trial lockdown for coming future in case things get out of hand. This Janta Curfew turned out to be a success across the nation with people staying in their houses throughout the day. Following are the views of other IT vendors and national distributors across the Nation.

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