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I-Ball Products available to Rajasthan Channel from Prajwal Enterprises

July 2020: Prajwal Enterprises an initiative by Shailesh Agarwal is now distributing I-Ball products. Located in Nirman Nagar on Ajmer Road, Jaipur has available with them the entire range of I-Ball products. After the restructuring of the I-Ball working pattern it is once again the same person behind the product in Rajasthan.

Shailesh Agarwal who had taken I-Ball products in the state of Rajasthan to such great heights in the past decade is now operating under the name and style of Prajwal Enterprises. The new stylish product range of IBall is back in market for those aspiring for top notch quality product.

Rajasthan has been amongst the Top 5 market places for iBall nationally for quite some time.

The high quality products and new technology being added every now and then had been the advantage with Brand.

Now entire range of product of i-Ball are available for the entire state of Rajasthan IT channel from Prajwal Enterprises.

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