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FAIITA in a webinar with RCTA Announces launch of their new E-Store

24th May, 2020: Federation of all India IT Associations also known as FAIITA organized a special seminar with RCTA and its members. This webinar was hosted by RCTA representative Praveen Jain, and all Rajasthan Computer Traders Association (RCTA) members were invited to this webinar on zoom. Around 65 participants attended this seminar on 24th May, 2020 at 4:30 PM. RCTA President Mr. Mihir Sharma invited all members personally to this webinar, couple of days prior to the event.

Mr. Kaushik Pandya – President FAIITA started the webinar by explaining the new structure of FAIITA, to members of RCTA and core committee of FAIITA was also present in the seminar. India has been categorized under 5 zones which are North, South, East, West and Central. These zones will be governed by separate Senior Vice President’s appointed by FAIITA. He then explained effect of COVID-19 on IT channel partners across the nation and how FAIITA supported partners across the country by requesting Indian Government to not promote online sales.

Mr. Kaushik Pandya said “It has become very important for us to stop fighting against online sellers and prepare ourselves to fight them online and united. This new E-store concept has been introduced for upliftment of T3 & T4 partners of the country by making their presence online as well.” Business continuity plan is one of the most important things to keep in our mind when thinking about long term business ideas.

Mr.Karthik from FAIITA gave a presentation on the concept of E-Store coming out very shortly for all registered members. Mr. Karthik is leading the web committee formulated by FAIITA to handle E-store and B2C and B2B in coming times. He explained how phase by phases FAIITA is planning to implement concept of E-Store, B2B and B2C. Mr. Karthik said “Need of the hour is to be online present with best possible customer support.” He also emphasized on the fact that channel partners united carry much more inventory then big online selling giants like flipkart and amazon. Since we have customers turning up on our physical shops as well we can offer much better customer support than these giants. He said partners can create their E-store within few hours with entire catalogue. Best feature of this E-Store is Logistics enabled FAIITA dashboard.

FAIITA will be coming ahead with several offer for all FAIITIANS like:

  1. Custom Domains

  2. Payment Facility

  3. Inventory Management

  4. Logistics Support

  5. Data Handling


Any IT registered partner with several associations can create an E-Store on the website with a registration cost of INR 1,000. Annual charge of INR 1,000 also will be charged annually. Total cost of creating E-store will be INR 2,000 for the first year and INR 1,000 every year after that.

FAIITA representatives said that this nominal fee is being charged to maintain funds of FAIITA as they have no money in reserve. These funds will be allocated to handling and maintaining this website which has E-store and in near future will have B2B and B2C store as well.

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