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Exclusive Interview With MR. SUNDEEP TAMBI From EKIN

Q1) When did start Ekin in India, what was your vision when you started the brand. Tell us everything about the brand (Brand and product profile)?

We starter Ekin in 2017 after research in the market for 3 years. During our research we found that Digital classroom and VC solution are crowded with player but end users are not satisfied. The main reason was complexity and maintenance cost.

So we decided to launch our own brand and fill the gap. Offer simple and easy solution which is maintenance free.

This is how Ekin came into existence.

Q2) What are your focus areas in India in terms of the Market, Industries, and Verticals?

Our focus in the market is Education and Corporate sector. We are helping Schools/colleges/universities in digitization of classroom. Converting their classroom to SMART class, Virtual class or Hybrid class as per their requirement.

We are offering soft Video conference solution to corporate and SME.

Q3) How is Ekin different from other brands in India in the same category?

Our approach is to offer simple solution. No jargons. A complete Eco system is developed to make our customer happy.

• We offer all line items for Digital classroom and Video conferencing solution.

• Dedicate team for after sales.

• 15 Experience centre in India.

• Installation base across all part of India.

• Availability of products into GEM

• Assembling in India for most of products.

• R & D team to identify, develop and qualify products before launching.

Q4) What are the major challenges faced in recent times by the brand in Indian Market?

New brand always has trust factor. It took time to make people understand about market challenge and our vision to address same. Cracking first 100 customer was always challenging.

Our domain still has dependency on China/Taiwan. Any short supply affect business. Further good number of opportunist players are damaging market.

Q5) Any Message to IT Channel Market and to your team in North and Central India Region?

The market of Digital classroom is going to Blast. The opportunity is huge for at-least coming 3 years. IF you are ready to change and work on the ground, connect with us and grow.

Q6) What are the various Channel Initiative Programs running in this fiscal year?

We are doing weekly meeting to train channel partner on our product. We have done training of 250+ partners till now. For longer relationship we are appointing Franchise across India. Presently 9 franchise is in place and doing good.

Q7) How do you see the video conferencing and smart classrooms solution market in Rajasthan?

Huge market. But as it happens, lot of opportunist players has come into the market. Partners/customer should double check before buying.

Should check following before purchase.

• Origin of brand.

• Certificates of brand like BIS, CE, FCC, NSIC.

• Manufacturer or importer. If manufacturer, any certificates for same.

• Support and service number.

• Installation base.

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