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Acer India’s Roadmap after Lockdown 4.0

My mantra has always been – “Be nimble and fit for the purpose” – Mr. Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO Acer India

When a crisis like this comes there’s little anybody can do about it. But how you prepare yourselves while you are on it, can put you in better shape once the world recovers. As a global PC brand and a tech giant, we are navigating the ongoing situation by being prognostic and practical in our approach in order to reform our business strategies and planning for recovery. This will make our problems simpler, while keeping the core ethos in mind, such as:

1) Brands and categories have to be agile,

2) Resolve and respond real-life consumer problems at that point of time and

3) Be ready and top-of-mind for consumers as they re-evaluate choices and

4) Rethink and reimagine portfolios. I believe unprecedented times present brands like ours with a unique opportunity to offer genuine solutions to relevant and contextual consumer issues. A good example is our E-store where we are now delivering for both small businesses and individuals. It delivers to around 20000 pin-codes where customers can get priority access to laptops, monitors, and accessories. We are also allowing our partner stores to home deliver to help maintain social distancing.

In the end, ensuring product availability is and will remain a key priority during and after the lockdown. As the lockdown restrictions are lifted, it is about ensuring adequate supply to meet the short-term demand surge. In the medium to long-term, it is about robust scenario planning and building agile and adaptable plans that can anticipate the new/changing consumer interests’ post-crisis. We are optimistic that once this crisis gets over, the economy will bounce back stronger and we will be able to focus further on strengthening our gaming, creators and Thin & Light verticals and re-establish our supremacy in the industry.

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