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Benq’s superfast gaming monitor with 240HZ Refresh rate and 0.5ms Response Time

Benq XL2746s gaming monitor from Zowie ready to break all benchmarks.

Zowie is a known brand amongst the professional eSports Player. The brand constantly innovates and aims to provide the best and accurate gear to the players. Advanced features are added to the gaming monitors so that professional players can have an edge over other players. XL2746s is yet another feather in Zowie’s hat. It boasts of 240Hz Refresh rate and 0.5 ms Response Time – a combination very rare in gaming monitors so far! Let us have a look at this 27 inch screen size monitor.

Fastest Gaming Features

Professional Gamers can relate to the fact that half of the game is won with the right tool. Zowie XL2746s equips the gamers with the latest and fastest gear that has 240 Hz Refresh Rate and 0.5 ms response time, a combination rarely seen in the gaming monitors yet.

Spray control with Dynamic Accuracy +

Dynamic Accuracy (DyAc) was primarily designed to reduce the effects of gun recoil in games like CS:GO. Zowie has mastered this technology and has enhanced it to Dynamic Accuracy + (DyAc+). DyAc+ reduces motion blur seen in LCD technology, vigorous screen shaking in-game to improve recoil control in CS:GO. A known weakness of LCD panels when compared to older CRT displays is the lack of motion clarity during fast action. There have been many gaming monitors over the years that push 1ms GTG, but this still doesn’t rectify the issue, as some nasty overdrive artifacts tend to surface. With DyAC+, Zowie XL2746s simulates CRT’s dynamic display effect on LCD and is based on the backlight control technique. The process of backlight being turned off or on is done at a fixed point. This avoids unwanted afterimages as there is no residual light from a previous fixed point. Hence, no lingering image (motion blur) is visible because there is no light beam passing through more than one point at a time.

Benefit of DyAc+ in CS:GO or other FPS games

Visual clarity is excellent while tracking fast actions such as strafing while aiming, quick mouse swings, and anything that essentially involves fast camera panning. The increase in motion resolution really boosts your ability to aim and track your enemies without turning your screen into a blurry mess, which in theory should really benefit active players that want to maintain control.

Previously, the LCD panel was a standard component. ZOWIE customized the panel and also made exclusive modifications to the circuitry and firmware settings. Without changing the content of games, DyAC+ provides clearer moving images, especially for FPS games. For example, in CS:GO, it makes spraying less blur. This allows gamers to see the position of crosshair and impact points more clearly which can help with recoil control.

See your enemy with XL2746s

In e-Sports, spotting the enemy as quickly as possible is important to gain an edge over the competitors. Zowie’s Color Vibrance and Black Equalizer features, help in enemy identification and getting that edge.

Color Vibrance helps in adding contrast to the game scenes so that spotting an enemy becomes easy that can be camouflaged in less-contrast streaming of game. With the enhanced colors, one can easily spot the enemy because the similar color shades will be easily differentiable due to color enhancement by color vibrance feature.

In FPS games like CS:GO, enemies are hidden in dark spots. In order to find them and shoot them as soon as possible, one needs to immediately identify them. They generally hide in dark areas because it is difficult to spot them there. With Black Equalizer of XL2746s, you can easily spot a hidden enemy in dark areas because the dark areas are brightened up. However, this does not affect the already bright areas. It is just that an enemy hidden in dark area will be properly visible so that you can shoot it when you have enough time and gain points.

Concentrate on the game

XL2746S comes with Gaming SHIELD – two light-blocking shields on the left and right sides. Purpose is to reduce distractions and possible light glare, and also provide some protection against prying eyes during tournaments.

The base of XL2746s has a heavy and sturdy metal main, the neck joint can be raised or lowered from -5 to 20 degrees. The stand can rotate horizontally, making it easy for gamers to find the most convenient position for themselves. This also helps avoid fatigue when used for a long time. It has Swivel (left/right) of 45/45 degree, pivot of 90 degree and height adjustment stand with 140mm. A gamer can adjust these parameters to fit to his or her requirements and keep a track of the same for quick adjustments.


With XL2746s, Zowie stands true to its claim of manufacturing the Smoothest and Clearest Professional E-Sports Monitors. It is yet another offering to the professional gamers to hone their skills and make then excel in an E-Sports Tournament. Zowie has lived up to its “Strive for Perfection” motto with this monitor by including its top technology with DyAc+, Color Vibrance, Black Equalizer, etc.

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