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Pantum Wins Bid to Supply Printers and Ensures After-Sales Services for Mahanadi Coalfields Limited

Following a successful bid, Pantum provided printers to Coal India Limited’s Odisha arm Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) and has continuously provided on-site after-sales services, helping solve diverse usage problems, even during the pandemic.

As one of Coal India Limited’s eight subsidiaries, MCL is a major coal producer in the country. Given the significant activity of its mining zones, at least 1,000 trucks move through the area every day. Vehicle passes must be printed for these trucks, in addition to daily office needs.

Therefore, MCL required printers with high requirements for machine performance and monthly load. Moreover, automatic duplex printing and printing speeds of 30+ PPM (pages per minute) would deliver tremendous efficiency and value for such a busy company.

Given their specific needs, Pantum supplied MCL with the P3500DN printer because of easy connectivity, energy-saving features, compact footprint and more. With an all-metal structure that ensures stable printing, the machine is suitable for large-scale production sites.

Powered with a maximum monthly print volume of 80,000 pages, the P3500DN can easily help customers who always need to handle large print jobs. Also armed with automatic duplexing function instead of scanning both sides of a two-sided page in one pass, the P3500DN can quickly print 33 pages per minute (A4) and 35 pages per minute (letter).

Moreover, in order to be more convenient for the business, the built-in Ethernet network interface allows multiple computers to print from the same printer. The P3500DN also has a built-in paper tray that holds 250 sheets and two external trays that hold 550 sheets each to double or even triple printing experience, with a total paper capacity of 1,350 sheets.

MCL commented on the cooperation with Pantum, “We are very satisfied with the Pantum P3500DN printer. The printers are stable, durable, and quiet, with a low paper jam rate. In fact, We’ve placed an order for more than 700 new toner cartridges.”

To best serve the Indian market, Pantum has always designed its printers that deliver high efficiency, convenience, durability and high-cost performance. More importantly, Pantum takes pride in its exceptional after-sales services and prioritizes providing a seamless, rich customer service experience as part of its brand commitment to its Indian customers.

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