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Pathfynder Solutions opens new workspace in Jaipur

June 2020: Visualizing the growing need for digitalization and to strike a chord with this new demanding situation, Pathfynder Solutions took a step further and has moved-in to a brand-new office. Boasts of stunning views, quirky interiors with an element of yellow and grey, the new office setup is not only inviting but stirs the team to deliver the best. With dedicated sections for Content writing, graphic designing, photo shoots and video editing, each individual has a lot to perform and perform to their full potential.

“This new space situated in the centre of Jaipur is an exciting, creative and progressive hub with amalgamation of culture and character, said Gaurav Hajela, Co-Founder of Pathfynder. When everything around us was so negative and depressing, I wanted to design a space with only positive vibes in every corner. A visit to this premise is not just a visit to an office but it is a visit to free flowing positivity. And of course a good cup of coffee is also one of the excuses.”

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