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BenQ’s hot TK850 – The projector for bright living rooms for entertainment

Entertainment is complete when it gives you a holistic experience. What can be better than a big screen that delivers exceptional picture quality and larger than life experience? Yes, we are talking about viewing content on projector screens rather than TVs. TVs cannot compare the experience and price of a projector. The constraint that most projectors have is feasibility only in dim-light rooms. BenQ’s new TK850 projector is an exception with high brightness of 3000 lumens. It performs exceptionally well even in well-lit living rooms. Thus, no need to dim the lights or set the lighting for movie. Let us know what else is in store for this 4K projector.

True 4K UHD 8.3M Resolution

TK850 delivers sharpness and distinct true 4K 8.3M pixels via the cutting-edge 0.47” DMD Chip, making every detail of the images displayed on the screen breathtakingly visible.

Hyper-Realistic Video Quality with HDR-PROTM

BenQ HDR-PROTM with HDR10/HLG support provides HDR brightness to adopt difference screen gain or projection size and enhanced tone mapping by Dynamic Iris and Dynamic Black Technology to offer greater dynamic range.

98% Rec.709 Coverage with Descent Brightness

TK850 features a stunning color performance by implementing an innovative color wheel to achieve 98% Rec.709 color gamut without dramatic brightness dropping, offering vivid colors enjoyment in a living room with ambient light.

Short Distance Projections

TK850 can project 100” Screen at a distance of 2.5 metres. Thus, it is deal for small rooms and has the flexibility of putting up anywhere. Also, the auto keystone correction helps in projecting an image in the centre of the screen even if the projector is not at the centre of the screen. It provides a zoom of 1.3X. Thus, all these features make it a coveted option for people who are looking to put up a 4K Projector in their home to enjoy with their family or friends.

Exclusive Audio-Visual Sports Mode

TK850 comes with visual Sports Mode to make sports viewing enjoyable and realistic. It enhances the picture quality by enhancing realistic skin tones of the players. It naturally balances blues of the sky and greens of the field grass and warm woodgrains for indoor sports action. Sports Mode has the speciality of boastful CinemaMaster Audio+2 10-watt chambered sound system that makes each goal, six or vital game point thrilling. The cheers of victory and despair of defeat can be clearly felt with this mode with accentuated commentary and crowd’s roar.

Streaming any possible content for enjoyment

In today’s time when going out for entertainment is restricted, sitting at home, one need to find the best possible options. With TK850, you have a plethora of options for entertainment. Its USB media Reader supports a wide range of files including video, audio, picture. The USB reader lets users easily play content from removable disks like USB or Hard Disk directly without any hassle of a cable with high speed transmission. There are two HDMI 2.0 inputs for two sources to be connected at one time (an Xbox One and a 4K Blu-ray player, say). There are also ports for SPDIF, audio out, RS232, and USB 3.0, with a 12V trigger to automatically turn on the projector when a live device is connected.

Easy Set-Up

The first is for the zooming and focus functions, which you adjust from above – there’s a small hatch covering these moving parts, though it slides open automatically if the projector is even slightly tilted.

When the projector is on, simply pull back the small hatch on the upper side of the projector, and adjust the lens left and right to zoom to adjust the size of the picture – up to a maximum size of 100 inches at 8.2 feet away – and then push it forward or backwards to bring the image into focus. You can then use the ‘lens shift’ wheel to elevate or lower the image; all in all it’s a simple and intuitive process then enables you to achieve the perfect picture.


If you are some who likes to view content like movies and sports on a large screen, then this is the projector for you. High Brightness, HDR Pro, Sports Mode and enhanced audio capabilities make it the right choice for lit living rooms that host friends and families to get together and experience a thrill.

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