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UCTA evolves and progresses under leadership of President – Anirudh Singh

Discusses business strategies during Unlock 1.0 in an exclusive interview with C&C

Question : What are the Achievements of UCTA in the last One Year?

Ans : We tried our best to improve profit of our members and better relationship among members by organizing different events like:

1.Picnic programs

2.Blood Donation Camp

3.Diwali Milan (including all family

members of all our registered members)

4.Cricket Tournament

(2 day, big cricket carnival with involving up countries of Banswara, Rajsamand and surrounding.)

5.Collected a big amount Rs.121000/- for welfare of affected families of Pulwama attack and donated 3 lakhs rupees to local government bodies for the welfare of needies during corono pandemic.

6.We also organized robotics technical training for kids of our members.

Under UCTA banner some of our members also participated in a tech event held at Mumbai.

Apart from these activities being social work we also did Rs.5 Lac insurance of our each and every UCTA Member.

Closed numbers of issues by our grievance team which were in-between members and even in between company and our members.

We were recognized the best association in India by IT magazine.

Question : What are New plans for the Coming Fiscal of UCTA ?

Ans : For upcoming year our major planning would be to increase profit margins and having healthy competition in businesses across the city and state boundaries. Conduct technical seminars for knowledge welfare of our members.To conduct different family functions to increase bond between our members and their families.In a span of every 2 years we organize election/selection for new working committee, So the same to beheld this year

Question : What steps are you planning to take post COVID for benefitting the members?

Ans : We are circulating number of messages, circulars to our members which help them to understand the current situations. Help our members to understand the process to take care of themselves and their families against corono by using mask, sanitizer and keep social distancing.

We will try our best to explain our members to use E-platforms to grow their business and many more.At last as the president of UCTA I would like to thanks our all association members and our all committee members who always supported and encourage me during this 2-year tenure. I will always serve better for the welfare of IT industry.

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