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7 factors to consider before choosing between an LFD & a Projector

The digital ecosystem is expanding. There are different products, services and the technology itself is changing. Here is when the ways of gathering new customers is also changing. Amidst this kind of expansion, one can get easily confused which device to buy. Here is when the experts at DisplayFort can help you decide. Read on for one such decision to make. To display your ads, to project your ideas, reports and data digitally, it is necessary to incorporate any display device. LFD stands for large format display, which is basically large screen to showcase your content. While there is another product which has been put to use since years- projectors. This device basically projects your content onto a screen from a distance.

Now, when you have to decide which one is the right product for your business, here are some factors that might help you decide.

1) Budget : It is an important consideration for choosing between the display types. If the size is less than 85 inch, LFD is more economical if you are looking for complete solution and its maintenance. And for bigger screens you should set your budget aside and also consider other parameters.

2) Size : The purpose of using a display solution can help you choose the perfect size as we have discussed above. Upto 85 inch there is no good option in projector. When you are considering brightness and other parameters, like a display device for educational purposes, meeting rooms, auditoriums you must go for LFDs. LFDs come in size of 32 inches display and can go upto 100 or 110 inches, or even more. So for 85 inches and below, a LFD is the best choice, while for more than 85 inches one could look for projectors as the prices swell, also depending upon the usage.

3) Surrounding Lights : If surrounding lights are bright then large format display screens definitely produce better quality images. These also come with light sensors for Day and Night mode. While in the case of a projector, the one which uses laser light will definitely produce better quality images. If the area is with darker backgrounds, like Home theatres, cinemas , a projector should be chosen.

4) Location : The location of installation will help you pick up the right display device if you are stuck up between the same sized options. In case of outdoors, a LFD is better than projector due to its varied advantages.

5) Aesthetics : This turns out to be a major concern while considering any digital device. The LFDs are quite comprehensive units. So, they would not require any additional wiring. While projectors would need a lot of cables, external components like PC, speaker, UPS, mounting, screens for setup. So, using a LFD would be a wiser choice to define the look.

6) Maintenance : The LFDs come with 3 years of warranty, extendable upto 5 years. While not much can be said about the projectors. The life, recursive costs involved and value for money of LFDs is quite better than projectors. So comparatively, LFDs require less maintenance than projectors.

7) Display Resolution & Quality : LFDs have a better display than projectors. It is more useful for the speaker and the audience to read and display the content without shadow interruptions and glare. The brightness levels are optimum, the viewing angles, resolution and every other aspect related to viewing is taken care of in a LFD.With improvements in technologies, the options are numerous. It can be a challenging task to choose between the right display solution for your content. So, when in doubt, talk to our team of experts who will guide you in choosing the right display solution.

If you want displays for darker place like home theatre and cinemas then you should consider projectors, otherwise LFD is a suitable option.

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