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“Chhattisgarh Traders” Set to become one of the Most Powerful Distributor in the State of Chhattisga

Financial Year ’22-’23 had a strong start towards the laptop business by making it a USD 5.5 Billion market, however the ongoing growth due to high COVID demand started facing headwinds in Q’3 ’22 when overall shipments declined by 11.7% YOY (IDC report). The growth bubble created by COVID demand had burst and it was visible through the IDC report and market demands, however even under such circumstances Chhattisgarh Traders changed its game plan by focusing on more demand driven product categories such as gaming and convertible, which not only increased the overall ASP or the market but also gave a YOY 27% growth in a demand slumped laptop market. Chhattisgarh Traders shifted the focus to premium laptops like pavilion and gaming, all thanks to HP’s aggressive strategy to cater to the youth demand. With the changing market dynamics and more experience driven demand, Chhattisgarh Traders also started it’s very own HP exclusive brand store HP World Chhattisgarh Retails at Marine Drive where customers can experience premium products across categories such as laptops, printers, AIO, desktop, premium accessories like HyperX. Overall while the laptop ASP and quantum grew by 27%, desktop and AIO business across SMB, commercial customers also saw huge demand which again helped Chhattisgarh Traders to double it’s last year’s revenue and increasing gross profit and required CGT to double it’s staff to keep up with the business demands. Chhattisgarh Traders and Retails’ strength comes from Ayush Agrawal’s “never say no attitude” and Akansha Agarwal’s sheer dedication towards excellence. Both have envisioned to take Chhattisgarh Traders and Chhattisgarh Retails to the next level by doubling their revenue numbers for the next Financial Year. Chhattisgarh Traders are authorised distributors for complete range of HP Consumers products ranging from Peripherals to printers, desktops, All-in-one to laptops. They are also authoruised distributor of Punta peripheral complete range.

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