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Calling All Gamers: Acer’s Gaming Mania Sale – Unmissable Deals and Incredible Giveaways only at Ace

Bangalore, 13 2023: Acer has announced mega gaming sale event across India, catering to gaming enthusiasts from June 14th to 18th. The sale guarantees a wide range of exclusive offers, exciting giveaways, and the opportunity to win the coveted Predator Helios Neo i7 gaming laptop. Take advantage of enticing deals on gaming laptops and enjoy additional bonuses like mouse, headset, and Acer backpack bundles. Buyers can also win game codes of AAA titles, making the offer even more sweeter.

The event includes walk-in giveaways where lucky visitors can win a fantastic bundle of a mouse, headset, and stylish gaming bag. With ten giveaways daily, the atmosphere will be filled with anticipation. There is also a grand lucky draw for the Predator Helios Neo i7 gaming laptop, which guarantees an immersive gaming experience.

In addition to the giveaways and lucky draw, Acer has special offers for buyers during the event. Lucky buyers can enter a daily lucky draw to win Acer monitors, enhancing their gaming experience.

To make the gaming event even more enticing, Acer has introduced irresistible deals on an extensive selection of gaming laptops.

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