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April & May saw decline in sales in Surveillance and Safety Equipment Industry

May, 2022: CCTV and Surveillance industry saw a slight decline in sales as compared to March, 2022. After the government revoked all COVID-19 restrictions, sales had been continuously going up in the surveillance segment. Educational and Professional Institutions started operating at 100% capacity, work from home is no more compulsory thereby increase demand of surveillance products and services. Once again development in infrastructure and construction sites across the nation were rising increasing demand for safety and surveillance equipments.

Looking at the past few couple of weeks there has been a decline in sales which might be because of the severe heat wave going on in Rajasthan or because of existing stock at all major distributors across the state which was billed at the end of March or last financial year. It could also be a result of minor shortage of products as Shenzhen was on lockdown until March end.

All these barriers seem to be lifted by May end and once again we should see increase in sales in Surveillance and Safety industry. Private and government institutions and offices will resume in June with full capacity as heat wave is expected to end soon.

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