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Amritsar Computer Traders Association Hosts PACT Meet at Amritsar

3rd December 2022 | Amritsar: Amritsar Computer Traders Association Hosted PACT Meet today at Amritsar. The meet was presided by Mr. Gurpreet Singh Jagdev, President PACT Under the Chairmanship of Mr. Sunny ji, Chairman PACT and General Secretary Mr. Supreet was the moderator.

The meet started with a Welcome address by Mr. Vikas Narang, President of Amritsar IT Association ACTA, and Motivation words by Mr. Sunny Ji, Chairman of PACT. Mr. Gurpreet Singh (Premier) PACT Nominee to FAIITA as VP of Brand Coordination briefed about efforts and initiatives under his preview.

Mr. Devinder Mahendru, Treasurer of PACT gave a financial statement.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh Jagdev, President briefed about the last 6 months & vision ahead. He spoke on

1. The Chandigarh Expo achievement with the PACT team done with CCTA and called a major success.

2. The settling of a dispute by PACT amounting to over 1.5CR in bill to ship to fraud

3. The Kochi Gates summit and Cricket representation by PACT Chandigarh and PACT Ludhiana teams, Big countdown to Gates Event at Jaipur Next year where 20 teams to participate.

4. The upcoming events, vision, and plans include some planned fixtures. One of them is a cricket tournament.

5. The proposal to work upon on PACT Nominated awards in prime categories

6. The need & plan to have an outstation GB in the hills.

Considering the sentiment of the market and the scenario therein, a high-power PACT Grievance Committee was formed that will work closely with City Grievance Associations to sort out issues of willful defaulters that has been plaguing the market.

PACT has asked Cities to form City Grievance Committees by 20 Dec 2022, failing which the President and Gen Sect of that city will be considered as the Grievance Committee of the City. This mechanism of coordination between CGC (City Grievance Committee) and PGC (PACT Grievance Committee) will work in coordination on case to case basis. The first point of dispute is the be addressed by CGC and will be addressed to PGC in case of failure or been approached by City President to PACT. PACT Advisory was also issued to IT Dealers across the region to avoid taking risks for sending material by BUS.

In an effort to have balanced participation by all cities, the following high-powered committees were announced by Gen Sect. with President Senior Advisory

Mr. Sunny Ludhiana

Mr. Sanjiv Walia Chandigarh

Mr. Prem Saini Hoshiarpur

Mr. Bhasker Jalandhar

New Initiative Committee

Upcountry Alignment & Expansion

Grievance Committee

Events Committee

Brand & Distri Coordination

Financial Advisor

Varinder Bansal Bhatinda

All leaders addressed to burning issues highlighting possible solutions, PACT Strength, and PACT Brotherhood for years. Notable speakers were

Mr. Vikas PACT SVP, Amr, Mr. Prem Chairman & PACT Advisor, Hoshiarpur, Mr. Varinder Advisor Bathinda, Gurpreet Singh VP Brand Coord FAIITA, Supreet Singh, Gen Sec PACT, Mr. Rajiv Khanna Media Advisor PACT, Mr. Satpal Singh, Gen Sect Ludhiana, Mr. Munish Gen Sect Amr Association and other leaders.

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